Daniel Clarke

Project #1: Lingofin

Lingofin demo

A work in progress, Lingofin is for Finnish speakers learning English. The user experience (UX) is designed to give you fine-grained control over the difficulty level, helping you progress and stay motivated.

Built using Tailwind CSS, Gatsby, React (hooks) and JavaScript, Lingofin is designed for mobile first, but works well on all screen sizes using minimal CSS. The React code is the cleanest and most immutable code I have written in my career so far. 😎

Website Code

Project #2: Times tables test

Times tables test

Another work in progress and less developed than Lingofin, this app helps you improve your times table through repetition and quick feedback. It is built using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.

Demo and code

Project #3: Lingo Adventures

grammar demo

Lingo Adventures is an earlier iteration of Lingofin above. It has some different exercises, and a landing page promoting the service.

Like Lingofin, Lingo Adventures is a web app built using Tailwind CSS, Gatsby, React (hooks) and JavaScript. It is not quite as cleanly coded as Lingofin.

Website Code

Project #4: English Camp

Lingofin demo

English Camp is also an earlier iteration of Lingofin above. It includes quizzes, as shown in the accompanying GIF.

English Camp was my first attempt at building something non-trivial in React. While the app worked fine, the code ended up being a bit of a hairy mess. I learnt a lot from this.